Detailed arrival information and maps outlining all parking areas and trailer storage areas will be published on this page of the website.

Early Arrivals

The Venue will not be open prior to Thursday 6yth September, 2018  and access to the venue prior to this date will not be possible.  Arrangements have been made with a neighbouring sailing club and sailing school to accommodate a limited number of competitors who may wish to arrive early to train.

Please contact the Event Office for further information on these arrangements.

Boat Parking

All competing boats will be parked by fleet as directed by Event Organisers when the Venue opens.  They will be parked on the Royal St George YC platform, the National YC Platform and the the Carlisle Pier which is in between both clubs.  All boats will have easy access to slipways for launch and recovery.  The boat parking areas will have clearly defined parking zones  corresponding to fleet divisions ensuring timely launch and recovery.