Renowned the world over for its warmth, hospitality, unrivalled infrastructure and  unique culture, it’s little wonder that Ireland is considered The Event Island. From  its cosmopolitan cities to stunning seascapes, captivating cliffs to lush mountain  tops, events held here take on the very essence of their surroundings.  International championships in particular excel in our world-class infrastructure with  vibrant people and a  landscape that never fails to inspire.  We will bring to this event a style and spirit that’s  uniquely Irish. A deeply passionate nation, we adore being part of a crowd that roars with unwavering  support. Irish hearts, like Irish doors, are always open.

Dun Laoghaire

Considered as the sailing and leisure capital of  Ireland, Dun Laoghaire is located on the outskirts  of Dublin. It offers sailors, officials and families a uniquely compact site – with easy circulation  between the accommodation, dinghy park, and  social/dining areas. The championship venue is a  short distance from the sailing area, airport and  capital city of Dublin.